About Us


I am a seasoned Hospitality Wedding & Events professional with 7 years’ experience. I have solid track record in delivering astounding services within wedding & events production services. I have also true passion on floral sculptures decoration, by listening and understanding what my clientele desire, finishing the right touch of extravagant elegance and dazzling opulence.

My interpersonal skills see me confidently building relationship with all level of external clients and those within the internal environment. I enjoy traveling and floral arts and I am always seeking creativity and to improve my offering to deliver at the highest standards; to continuously surprise and delight my clientele.

I am passionate, highly motivated, and outgoing individual who revels in the challenge of communicating; I believe I have the creative insight; technical understanding and energetic flair draw the team together to deliver these unique and exciting solutions.

She likes the beach, suntans, sunsets, travels, floral arts, weddings, wedding decorations and excitement. She believes in respecting all religions but only believing in herself. She is an independent women. Don’t let her height fool you; like the saying goes; great things do come in small packages!


I am a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia. I have 7 years experience in Marketing. In the Marketing line, I have organized many events to which was very successful throughout my career. I am also a Designer specialize on Save The Date, Wedding Invitation Card, Wedding LOGO designs etc and also customize wedding stationary.

I am a hard worker, fast leaner and a good listener. I will always try my best to achieve what my client wants and to also consult them with my professional opinions. For me, it is very important to understand what my client is thinking and to help them achieve their needs with my expertise.

loves videography, beach, traveling, music, gadgets, handcrafts and is a pet lover! really appreciates art and a happy environment, which is surrounded with good friends and jokes.